TALES OF A LAZY SUNDAY BRUNCH: Tien restaurant review

It was a lazy Sunday morning, and we’d set out on our quest for brunch. The day had ambitious plans ahead, but first, we needed energy. The air was warm, sleepy and content as we made our way to Tien, a restaurant situated in Model Colony. It’s so small and cozily tucked away that you’d miss it if you weren’t looking for it. It’s constructed in such a way that during the daytime, natural light fills the room, making everything look well lit.

The wait staff were cloaked in black, dressed with a smile on their faces as they greeted us warmly. I ordered an open faced frittata with baked beans toast, and chose to add mushrooms and black olives to my omlette. Priced at Rs. 180, the omlette was warm and soft; of perfect consistency, served with a side of roasted baby potatoes.


Baked beans toast with an open face fritata

There were also baked beans, served with tomato sauce, a sprinkling of cilantro on it along with wheat bread. The bread was toasted to perfection and when I spooned the baked beans on to the toast, the flavours took me to a completely different dimension. This ‘baked beans toast’ had some wonderfully sweet notes that served as a welcome break from the warm savoury flavours that the omlette and the baby potatoes brought to the table. What I liked the most was that the bread was firm and crisp and you could smell a whiff of butter when you picked up the bread to chew.

Also, this was close to the best damn omlette I've ever had.

Also, this was close to the best damn omlette I’ve ever had.

Since it was a warm sunny day out, I had to order something to help me cool myself off. I picked my all-time favourite drink- lemon iced tea, priced at Rs. 80. The menu claimed it was freshly brewed, but I was still a little skeptical.

Actual Lemon Iced Tea

Actual Lemon Iced Tea

It was served to me in a mason jar with a wedge of lemon and mint leaves casually sprinkled on top and I was pleasantly surprised when they actually stuck to their promise! I could taste flavours of lime and tea leaves and it tasted true to the essence of iced tea.

As main course, I ordered Pasta with Neapolitan sauce priced at Rs. 260. The Penne pasta was soft and well cooked, topped with grated parmesan cheese and more cilantro herbs.

Penne Pasta with Neapolitan sauce.

Penne Pasta with Neapolitan sauce.

It was slightly on the bland side and what it lacked in flavor, it made up for in quantity. I was served a huge dish of pasta that I honestly found difficult to finish. It was served with a side of wheat bread, which complemented the dish perfectly.

So here’s the final verdict!

Ambience- 4/5- cosy not cramped.

Food Quality- 4.9/5

Value for money- 4.1/5- most dishes are slightly pricey, but they definitely make up for that in terms of quality and quantity.

Overall- 4.8/5. Don’t think twice. Go right ahead if you’re looking for a gourmet meal on a budget.

BONUS!: Here’s a picture of an interesting dish I ate the first time I visited Tien. The Mushroom and Broccoli couscous combined two of my favourite vegetables served with grated red lettuce in a salad topped with a hint of vinegar. It was pretty unique in its use of the couscous which is something that continental food tends to do- shy away from Indian flavours. I wouldn’t give this dish a 5/5 because I do have my issues with how the couscous didn’t really get the taste across in the right manner,  but I’d be happy to give it a 3.8/5 for the brave attempts at uniqueness.

Mushroom and Broccoli CousCous. Quite an interesting dish.

Mushroom and Broccoli CousCous. Quite an interesting dish.


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