Mushroom mania!

I took a deep breath, trying to calm my racing heart. My fingers trembled as I searched for what I was looking for on Google. I needed a hit. I was desperate. I thought that it would do if I got my fix at that dark shady restaurant that night… but I clearly needed more. That’s when I decided I had to take matters into my own hands. I had to come up with a secret formula that would help me scratch the itch and satisfy me.

I needed my [mu]shrooms.

So when I was prowling the restless aisles of the supermarket, my eyes widened as my gaze landed on a packet. They were right there. I had to have them. That’s when I decided. I was going to make BBQ grilled mushrooms at home. I laughed an evil laugh and the checkout clerk looked at me wearily as I harboured a maniacal glint in my eye. I licked my parched lips and laughed to myself. Nothing could stop me anymore.

All clean and ready for action!

All clean and ready for action!

I spent the next few hours, tirelessly prowling the internet, looking for the perfect recipe and when I found it, I got to work. Deja vu plagued me as I began mixing the marinade ingredients together. I had flashes of the first time I tried to bake a cake at home (Read all about it here) But luckily for me, the ingredients blended smoothly to make one hell of a spicy mixture that made my skin burn when there was contact. My mouth was burning and my heart racing as I put the marinade on the mushrooms and let it sit, in an test of patience. My journey had only just begun.

Eventually, I began prepping the OTG to cook them and I found myself putting the mushrooms into the OTG with an excited sense of trepidation. But this time, I was prepared. I wasn’t going to let an hour’s worth of effort go to waste. I propped myself up in front of the OTG on a tiny stool with a torch light handy. I felt like Dora the Explorer on a Culinary mission. I watched intently, as the mushrooms slowly turned. It was a climactic build up that had my mouth watering in anticipation. It was literally food porn, happening right there in front of my eyes.

I got them out of the OTG and when I bit into them, I knew that my life was on the right path. It felt so good because I actually made it from scratch and it was super spicy and yummy. There was just something so satisfying about actually getting it right. I always thought that cooking was never my forte, but I guess now might be time to revaluate that.

Aren't they beautiful :')

Aren’t they beautiful :’)

So it was ultimately 10:30 when I actually ate my dinner and it consisted of idlies, green chutney and the grilled mushrooms XD


Because absolutely nothing on this planet can beat a home cooked meal. Especially Idlis.

Doing this was a ton of fun because I personally loved getting my hands messy. Taking matters into my own hands also meant a lot of gravy on my shirt, but like the Surf Excel ad says, stains are good, and I agree because damn, I had so much fun.

Messy me :P

Messy me 😛

Have you ever done crazy things for a craving? Let me know in the comments below! Also, here’s the recipe to make the grilled mushrooms, just like I did. Itch the scratch. Give in 😉


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