Why Food > People

The human race can be so tiresome sometimes. They finish the last slice of pizza, they steal popcorn from you at the movies and they judge you when you eat too much food… I’m not necessarily anti-social, but I do have my moments. I thought long and hard about it, and here’s a list of reasons why food is way better than people

1. People say harsh things- an idly will never fail to be soft and gentle with you.

Photo courtesy: Google Images

2. There’s always a risk of someone you make plans with, cancelling for various reasons- I have a headache, I need to work overtime etc etc. But think about it. Has pizza EVER let you down?

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia

3. Caesar salad doesn’t care if its the first healthy thing you’ve eaten all month.

Photo courtesy: The Hills Bar & Grille

4. A huge perk of going to restaurants alone and eating is that you can eat as much as you want without anyone judging you. So go right ahead and order a whole plate of spring rolls and treat yo self.

Photo courtesy: foodandmeal.com -> Do check this blog out. They have an amazing Thai Spring rolls recipe

5. Dosa won’t ever make promises it can’t keep.

Image courtesy: traveldadi.in

6. Chocolate is the best shoulder to cry on.

Image courtesy: foodporndaily.com

7. Mac and Cheese doesn’t care if you feel like its dying when its that time of the month. Mac and cheese soothes your tongue, directly speaking to your soul.

Photo courtesy: Reddit

8. Ice cream won’t let you down like your boyfriend/girlfriend did.

Photo courtesy: jokeroo.com

9. Maggi understands that you have finals and submissions and that it’s been a long tough week and you just need food at 3 in the morning.

Photo courtesy: PeekNCook

10. Parathas won’t ask you when you’re going to get married.

Photo courtesy: cookingandme.com

11. Pani Puri has faith in your gastrointestinal abilities.

Image courtesy: desinema.com

12. You will never feel the sting of betrayal from biriyani.

Photo courtesy: lekhafoods.com

13. Masala omlette knows that it is the closest to protein you’re going to have. Masala omlette cares about you.

Photo courtesy: thecherryshare.com

14. Momos know how hard you’re trying. Steamed momos are healthy AND they understand you.

Photo courtesy: younminerecipes.blogspot.com

15. Nutella is the closest you will get to finding pure, unadulterated love- free from judgment, hate and snide remarks about how that dress makes you look.

Photo courtesy: ecoosfera.com

16. Cupcakes restore your faith in humankind

Photo courtesy: favim.com

17. It’s been scientifically proven that the smell that wafts out of the oven when warm brownies are baking are the elixer of life.

Image courtsey: Collegehumor.com

18. Humans are horrible for wasting perfectly good birthday cake by putting it on other people’s faces. Same for food fights. God.

Darn those kids. Image courtesy: adamjacobs.11.wordpress.com

19. A hot cup of soup on a rainy day helps you feel a lot less lonely (If you were lonely to begin with. If not, its a really awesome meal nevertheless)

Image courtesy: babble.com

20. Food makes you feel warm and happy on the inside, like you’re in love. Only better.

Image courtesy: Pinterest


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